Open Coffee: BackTracker App, 16th Dec

iOS app BackTracker is the back packer’s ultimate travel companion. Co-Founder and Lead Developer Dom Bryan will talk about BackTracker’s current progress towards investment, involvement with a new type of accelerator plus some of the ups and downs of growing his start-up.

PHPem: How to be a Professional Developer, 3rd Dec

Being a professional seems pretty easy. Being a professional developer, just as easy. Well it can be, but is there more to just being “professional”?

Solve for X – Moonshot Sprint Leicester, Dec 12th


An opportunity to participate in a unique hands-on design thinking experience to tackle a major world issue that if came to pass in the UK would have a major impact on you and everyone you know. Solve for X is a global community, initiated by Google, that aims to surface brilliant scientific innovations and technological breakthroughs, that have the potential to solve big global problems facing humanity. This is the first UK event outside of London, we expect it to be a memorable one

PHPem Unconference 2015, 21st Nov

It’s that time of the year again when a monthly meetup is just not enough geekery, the time of year where we need to have a day of talks on a wide range of topics given by the best speakers… you! So join us for a day filled with great talks, food, great company and good conversations. What is an Un-conference? Think of an unconference like any other conference except the agenda is created by the attendees at the beginning of the day.

Open Coffee: GoVJ Live Video Mixing App, 25th Nov

Open Coffee: GoVJ Live Video Mixing App

Dave Wood is the owner of new app development company Roboheadz.

Dave will talk about the development and launch of his first product, GoVJ, a live video mixing application for the iPhone.