LoyalFree Interview on BBC Radio Leicester

BBC Radio Leicester’s Rupal Rajani’s interviewed Sophie and Jason from Leicester loyalty scheme and events startup LoyalFree last week. You can stream the interview here (starts at 2h 42m 30s).

You can also listen to a previous Rupal Rajani interview from with Rajen and Suresh from ParentMonitor here.

Leicester Startups is Now a Community Interest Company

We’re pleased to announce that Leicester Startups has just taken a big step towards becoming “official”! After nearly seven years of “beg borrow or steal” we’ve now incorporated as a non-profit Community Interest Company with a mission to help local entrepreneurs. This will make it possible to organise membership at the soon-to-open Fibre coworking space as well as accepting sponsorship, running bigger and better events and promoting the Leicester startup community in a more professional way.

A big thank you to our funders and supporters at LLEP, University of Leicester, De Montfort University and Leicester City Council, without whom we wouldn’t have got this far.

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If you’d like to hear about sponsorship opportunities that could put your business in front of thousands of entrepreneurially-minded people in the region get in touch.

Building Work Progressing at Fibre Coworking Space

More progress at the forthcoming ‘Fibre’ entrepreneurs’ coworking space near DMU campus and the Royal Infirmary. The building is gearing up to accept startup tenants in the next few weeks – membership will be organised through Leicester Startups. Contact us if you’re interested in taking a space at Fibre.

ParentMonitor Save Their First Life

Parentmonitor.org is a Leicester startup created out of a personal need to help keep one of the founder’s own parents safe in their own home.

Co-founder Rajen Thanki shares his story…

What started out as something to help ourselves has developed into a system that can have a massive positive impact to many people.

Our unique home monitoring system that has the ability to detect falls and has already alerted a correct fall, for a lady who is 84, suffers from dementia, lives alone and has had multiple falls before.

Parentmonitor.org successfully alerted her daughter who lives here in the UK, her daughter was able to be alerted for the fall and contacted social services in France and a carer was there beside her mother after only 20 minutes. 25 minutes later emergency services were there to give her a check over and make sure she was ok – which luckily she was.

Had it not been for our system this lady would have remained on the floor and alone for hours until carers came back to visit her.

We know this type of thing happens all the time with many people not being able to get up after a fall and spending numerous hours and in some cases days on the floor before help is at hand.

Knowing we have the ability to help the vulnerable is a truly fulfilling feeling.

We’ve since alerted for another fall and this gives us, a small start-up all the energy and belief that we have something that can be great and motivation to continue to grow.

First public event at new Fibre Coworking Space in Leicester

Last night saw a mini trial run of one of the many events soon to be held at the forthcoming new Fibre co-working space on Deacon Street in Leicester city centre.

If you’re an entrepreneur of a potentially scalable startup looking for a great place to work, surrounded by fellow founders then drop us a line via the contact form.

Sir Thomas White Loan Charity Extends Age Criteria to 45

The Sir Thomas White Loan Charity has announced a change to a key element of its eligibility criteria, which will make the charity’s interest-free startup business (and education) loans available to individuals up to the age of 45 (previously 35) within Leicestershire and Rutland.

Full details here.

New Meetup Group: UX Leicester

UX Leicester is pleased to announce their first UX Huddle which will take place at Cini Restaurant in Enderby on Tuesday July 19th, 6pm until 8:30pm.

The first huddle is an informal gathering for member to meet one another before the main 2016 schedule begins.

With over 80 members, this meet up will aim to act as an environment for people to learn from the best in the industry. Future talks will include the likes of Jeff Gothelf author of Lean UX, Jamie Levy author of UX Strategy and Peter Morville author of Ambient Findability to name just a few. This meetup is ideal for those wanting to learn how their business, processes or daily roles can become more user centred.

The meet up will also provide an open forum for people to discuss ideas, share experiences of the industry and trouble shoot any issues they may have relating to user experience. We encourage members to request discussion topics and for those would like too, we also have opportunities for members to do a presentation themselves.

We hope you can come along and join us at Cini’s on July 19th.


Clare Brace,
Founder of UX Leicester

Leicester Co-Workers – the story so far

Guest post by Ed Woolley from the Leicester Co-working meetup group…

Since I’ve journeyed into the world of freelance and entrepreneurship I’ve very much enjoyed the freedom and independence it brings, but kind of felt something was missing. It could be lonely at times and I missed working with my colleagues. I set up Leicester co-workers as a means to bridge that gap and have the best of both worlds. I envisaged that working with likeminded individuals – on a similar journey – would provide support, whilst the diversity of skills we’d share, as a group would provide lots of exciting opportunities.

"co-working wednesdays" at Leicester co-workers

What is co-working? To put it simply, it’s where people come to work in the same-shared space, but who are not part of the same organisation or company. They typically work on their own work, independently, but enjoy the company of working with others rather than working from home. They are often self-employed, freelance or starting a business of some kind.

From my own experience, just the act of physically working in the same shared space, has boosted my overall focus and productivity. I find myself getting “in the zone” allot more frequently, than compared to when at home – could it be the positive social atmosphere, or something weird like collective brainwaves :s; im not a sociologist or a scientist but what I do know is I’m getting more done.

What I can put my finger on is the knowledge base and expertise that we bring as a group. There’s someone from every area of business and walk of life; from sales & marketing right through to 3D design and App development….. Oh and did I mention there’s a magician too!!! If I’ve got a question, no matter what it is, I can look up from my laptop and get an answer in seconds. Before I would have to trawl through pages of search results from my old friend Google!

We meet every Wednesday at the innovation centre for co-working Wednesdays so come down and join us:

Click here to join the group

The hunt is on for the best student business ideas

The hunt for the best students and graduate business ideas has officially launched, with £10,000 and other money-can’t-buy opportunities to get your hands on. NACUE has partnered with Tata for another year to fuel fantastic ideas with their national business pitching competition.

Start-up Story: UniYap

If there’s one thing that students love to do, it’s socialize. However, there is a distinct lack of platforms for students to communicate on. At the beginning of a meeting, I briefly discuss this issue, following up with the solution: UniYap. UniYap’s features include channels and instant messaging that are likeable to group chats dedicated to societies, courses, sports team etc.