How to Create a Product in Less Than Two Weeks, Sept 16th

photoPaul Muston, an expert in rapid prototyping, will show you how a software product can easily be created for your business in the space of two hours . There is a false assumption that such products take months to be completed and get ready for the market. This talk is perfect for startups or for established businesses who want to create a new innovative product. So, if you have a product idea and you do not know how to move forward with it, we would suggest that you do not miss this opportunity!

East Midlands Student & First Time Entrepreneurs: Tea/Coffee, July 29th

Come along to St Martins Tea & Coffee Merchants and meet some new people, get to know your fellow entrepreneurs and enjoy some tea/coffee and some stimulating conversation with like minded people.

New Group: East Midlands Student and First Time Entrepreneurs

photoEast Midlands Student and First Time Entrepreneurs are a new meetup group who will be getting to know each other for the first time on Sunday 12th July at the  The Crumblin Cookie.

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Open Coffee: How to Create a Winning Team, Weds 29th July

How to Create a Winning Team

The dominant organisational models of today aren’t fit for the future. Startups need to lead the way but how do you design a scalable organisation from day one?

Lisa Gill, Director of Reimaginaire, will share how to build a strong founding team and create a winning culture and strategy from the very beginning. It will be an interactive session, packed with insights from the latest future of work research and stories of innovative, forward-thinking organisations around the world.

What To Expect From PHP7, August 6th

PHP 7 is coming!  But what does this mean for PHP developers in the Real World (TM)? This talk has everything you need to know to be the expert.  Find out how the remarkable performance improvements could look on your own system, and see the shiny new features in this major release of the web’s favourite scripting language.  Get advice on how the upgrade path will look for your appplication and how to avoid the traps that lie along that path.  Recommended for developers and technical leaders everywhere who want to use better PHP.

Event report: How to Thrive as a Creative Business (1 July 2015)

open-coffee-how-to-thrive-as-a-creative-business-weds-1st-julyThe title Three Guys Walk Into A Bar may sound like the set-up for a joke but it’s the highly appropriate name for Jim Shields’ new book that began life as a talk given at conferences and other business events.

Jim is the Creative Director of Leicester’s Twist & Shout Communications, which specialises in making entertaining, story-led videos for companies to use in marketing and training. The book is the distillation of years of experience in dealing with corporations, and on 1 July he came to Open Coffee at DMU’s Innovation Centre to deliver a specially tailored version of his presentation.

Jim uses humour in his day job and at events like this because it’s a fast and memorable form of communication. He particularly dislikes the corporate jargon that is rife in the worlds of technology and business in general (his example from a large European bank was a classic piece of management gobbledegook).

Three.Guys.Walk.into.a.Bar“My crusade is to bring intimacy back to companies’ communications with their customers,” said Jim, explaining that jargon-filled language creates a kind of exclusive club that fails to reach other groups of people. For deep tech, he said that every meaningless word obscures what problem the thing is actually solving, so it’s best to describe the benefits of your solution rather than spout technobabble.

“I’ve tried to write a practical book,” said Jim, whose overall philosophy is aimed at showing you how to get more value from the jobs that you do. The central part of this is to cultivate your uniqueness, either through innovation or by crossing over between two different worlds and combining skills effectively in a way that no-one else does.

Here is where the three guys of the book title come in – and Jim pointed out carefully that he means guys in the modern non-gender-specific way (as in “hey guys”), which also distinguishes it from Three Men and a Baby, in case anyone was confused.

The ‘three guys’ refer to people at different stages of a career and how it’s possible to progress from simply being ‘a guy’ (a hired hand indistinguishable from anyone else) to ‘that guy’ (someone worth recommending) to ‘the guy’ (the only one to consider for a task requiring a true expert).

open-coffee-how-to-thrive-as-a-creative-business-weds-1st-julyRecommendations included getting a mentor and finding your ‘secret sauce’ that makes you unique and sellable. Jim added that if you have been asked the same question 20 times, put the answer in a blog, create a platform for you to educate your clients (and others) and if all goes to plan you can become a leading light in your particular field.

Jim also revealed helpful advice on when to consider working for free or next-to-nothing. Another problem area that Jim addressed was when to ‘fire’ a client – or at least take a fresh look at what work you are doing for them and how it can better suit their needs.

This Open Coffee was one of those outstanding events that managed to be both illuminating and entertaining in equal measure throughout the hour-long session. It was also reassuring to see the message getting through to the crowd at this well attended meet-up. Thankfully for Jim, many more than three ‘guys’ turned up at DMU on the day.

How to Avoid Negative Reviews

Giving people the opportunity to be heard can have a huge impact on the reputation of your company. In large, you’ll be able to prevent the negative experiences and be in a position to offer a better experience to your customers.

Launch Your Business Idea at Startdom Weekend, 10-12 July

This 48 hour accelerated course for early stage startups will focus on learning how to build a prototype, how to find customers, how to present the idea to investors. It will be based on the lean startup method… with a twist!

6 ways to stay motivated when working from home

In the start-up stages of a business, it can be financially difficult to commit to paying a monthly fee for renting an office space and the next best thing may be to work from your dining table at home. Great, I hear you say – not always!