Start Up Cafe: Pitching your ideas to investors, 8th March

Join us for our next University of Leicester Business Start-up Café, on Tuesday 8th March 2016, where you will take on the role of an investor! You’ll learn who investors are, what they typically look for in a business idea, and then you’ll be given an exciting opportunity to be an investor by hearing pitches from start-ups and deciding which you would put your money in! This is an excellent opportunity for you to build your knowledge about how best to approach and impress investors; a skill invaluable whether you’re operating as an enterprising employee or a trailblazing entrepreneur.

4 New Startups: Hoohair, Workvine, University Guide & UniYap, Thurs 25th Feb 5pm

This month’s evening event will be an opportunity for four new startups to introduce themselves to the community each with brief 5 presentations followed by questions:-

Hoohair: Need a haircut? Cut the hassle! Find and book your perfect haircut. All from your phone.”

Workvine: Workvine offers employers the communication tools and solutions they need to keep their mobile, remote, dispersed and blue collar workforces engaged, agile, productive and committed, no matter where they are.

University Guide: Helping students and family members make complex decisions about where best to study in UK.

UniYap: Channel based instant communication, news and offers just for students, with their universities in mind.

Start-Up DMU Society Event, 16th Feb

Start-Up DMU is a technology focused business society at the Leicester Business School. Guest speaker Stuart Hartley, Director at Incrementa (who supports businesses to grow, innovate and develop) will talk about building a business model canvas for your startup.

The Startup Weekly, Show

Guest post by Esben Ehrenskjold of Streamlinedata:-

The Startup Weekly is a weekly blab show started in co-orporation between FrenPals, GJ’s Enterprise and Streamline Data Ltd. We will be interviewing start-ups, talking about building a community (local as well as online) and how to market your brand on social media. Please join us and take part in the discussion. Our show will be live every Sunday between 4 – 4:30pm GMT

Esben Ehrenskjold

New Leicester Co-Working Community

Guest post by Edward Woolley, organiser of Leicester Co-Working meetup group:-

Do you love the independence that working from home brings, but at the same time miss working in a collaborative environment? Do you wish you could share your skills and benefit from those of others in a co-working environment. Are you an entrepreneur starting out on your own looking for like minded individuals? Working for yourself, do you end up doing a little bit of everything? but have less time to focus on your businesses service or product….


If you can relate, or answered yes to any of these questions, then this is the group for you.


I started my journey as a freelancer. Being self-employed, I found myself doing everything myself from creating my website to doing the accounts. I found it a bit overwhelming. Furthermore, I had several ideas formed off the back of my business which I wanted to develop into fully fledged start ups; however I did not have the technical expertise. That’s when I started to explore Leicester’s entrepreneurial community and found leicester start-ups. Since then I’ve found people to collaborate with, filling some of my skill gaps and in return offered my expertise – but it has taken time.


Leicester could really do with a coworking space to foster and grow a network of like-minded entrepreneurs. A permanent dedicated space would be ideal, however this won’t come tomorrow. therefore I’ve set up a meet up group to encourage coworking now. We’ll be able to collaborate and skill share straightaway, at various locations around the city.  Then when the coworking space does come, that’ll cement our efforts and give us a place we can call home.


– Edward Woolley

Join the new Leicester Co-Working meetup group here