PHPem: You don’t need to be a ninja rockstar to contribute to open source, 1st Sept

Many developers assume that you need to be a great code ninja to contribute to open source projects, but that isn’t the case. The people who develop those open source tools, libraries and frameworks that we use for our own work aren’t all uberhackers; but are often simply individuals or small groups of volunteers, working on the projects in their own time, and who need all the help they can get. Many companies believe that contributing to open source has no benefits, or even that it’s giving away their trade secrets; but there are benefits for companies that do make contributions to Open Source projects, and it doesn’t result in giving away a competitive edge, but may even result in improving their business where it matters to them – on the bottom line.

From Zero To Mobile: Building A Mobile App From Ground Up, Thurs 25th August

In the current climate where apps are the backbone of technology, it can be daunting to engage in the process of building a mobile app. What platform to support, whats the best way to build, how should it work e.t.c.

This talk will discuss the process of building a mobile app from the ground up showing what is possible, things to watch out for and when to build your app a specific way with a specific technology.

Speaker Sani Yusuf runs a startup called Haibrid that uses cross-platform mobile development techniques to create innovative mobile solutions. Sani also co-manages the Ionic UK community and has had stints with companies like Microsoft, Huddlebuy & Anritsu.

Cake Loughborough: Creative & Entrepreneurial Meet Up, 18th Aug

Cake is a free bimonthly meet up for creatives, designers, developers & entrepreneurs in Loughborough. Speakers are Simon Silva, the Global Customer Experience Manager at global audio giants Bang & Olufsen and Amazon Number 1 best selling author of ‘Burn the Bullshit’, Stephen Doran.