New Meetup: Tech Founders Monday Mornings, starts 16th Oct

Every Monday morning, from 0730 until 9am max – we have a get together over a coffee and talk about our businesses (startup founders only). Each founder has about 5 minutes to talk about challenges they’re facing and what their objectives are for the week ahead. The next week they are then able to recap. Other people can offer their opinion and if they can, help in some way to resolve it – either there and then or out of the meeting. We’re all busy people but I’m sure most people understand that being a founder can be quite lonely. Having people to bounce ideas off is great but also setting goals and having other people to hold you accountable is crucial. Let’s start the week with a bang!

Celebrating Failure, Tuesday 24th Oct

They say that history is written by the victors, which is probably why the startup world is full of tales of unicorn companies, epic pivots and last-gasp funding rounds. But what about all the mistakes, delusions and failures that we’ve all made and learnt from? This fun event will give you a chance to pitch your failure (and/or valiant recovery!) stories to a sympathetic audience with an opportunity to win a prize for the best one at the end.