Open Coffee: Jadu – Startup to £5m Turnover, Weds 23rd Sept

Leicester-based Jadu started life at the LCB Depot in 2004, delivering their website content management system to public sector organisations across the world. Creative Director Matt Culpin will talk about their growth, forging a culture of user-led design whilst keeping the mentality of a tech start-up.

PHPem: Getting started with Slim 3, Nov 5th

Slim is a PHP micro framework that enables you to write powerful web applications and APIs. In this talk, Rob Allen I will give an overview of version 3 of framework and show how you can easily write maintainable applications with it.

The Secrets of the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme, Oct 28th


This is a meeting for startups in the early stages of their business or an investors who want to know how to save money in taxes. Bryan Freeman and Pam Keogh from Rowleys Accountants will take you through the process of raising investment and what is required from both angels and startups. They will focus on SEIS, the most lucrative and effective government tax break scheme.


Amazon AWS: Zero Tier Architectures, Oct 1st

Since 1991 the Internet has provided an amazing wealth of knowledge to the now-billions that access it on a daily basis. Interestingly, Google currently has an enormous 30 trillion (30,000,000,000,000) pages indexed in its search engine; that amount of data is colossal! So where do all these webpages live? Somewhere in the vast space of the Internet, on one of tens of thousands of different web hosts of course. However, something is coming, and it’s going to change how we approach building applications completely – It’s a Zero Tier Architecture (0TA).