How Virtual Assistants will influence consumer behaviour, Thurs May 21st

Virtual Assistants (VAs) already exist in a myriad of forms, from Apple’s Siri, Google Now and Microsoft’s Cortana. VAs will influence our every interaction: whilst some are voice activated, others learn from our behaviour, and this will have profound impacts on the ways we behave, the interactions we engage in, such as help seeking, health and welfare management, and the types of services and products we consume.  Dr Tracy Harwood’s talk will present a vision of a VA-enabled near future and an overview of likely changes to consumer behavior.

Google I/O Extended at Apex, 28th May

photoGoogle Developer Group Leicester. Leicester Google I/O Extended event. We’ll watch the Keynote then go down to The Parcel Yard (pub) to discuss the awesome stuff that was just announced.

Book Released: Eazy Lean Startup

Dr. Constantina Katsari has published new book on how to launch your startup. ‘Eazy Lean Startup’ is a short guide for startups who are eager to find out how to set up their business. It explains the main principles of lean methodology to new entrepreneurs in a comprehensive way and with plenty of examples.

Open Coffee: CrowdLab – Conception to Acquisition, Weds 6th May

image copyright Casey Marshall:

The unconventional story of a Leicester based tech startup and its unusual acquisition. Following on from co-founder Jim Willis’s October talk, Mat Mabe will lift the lid on their experience of taking a mobile market research startup from concept all the way to exit.

DIscount for Growth Hacking & Full Stack Marketing for Startups (London)

photoAn exclusive one-day public workshop on growth hacking and full stack marketing you cannot afford to miss. We partnered up with Patrick Vlaskovits and Casey Armstrong, so that we can offer you a 15% discount! Bear in mind that it takes place in London.

Cake Loughborough: Creative & Entrepreneurial Meet Up, April 23rd

Cake is a new bimonthly meet up for creatives, designers, developers & entrepreneurs in Loughborough. Every other month Cake will gather together some of the brightest and boldest to share their ideas, thoughts and tips for creatives and business owners.

New: Start-Up Exchange at The Innovation Centre, Tues 12th May

The first of a new monthly startup networking event. Whether your interest is in textiles or technology, medicine or blogging, we welcome people from all industries to contribute to an informal, collaborative discussion group. Attendees will be encouraged to:
– Bring a business problem, or contribute to resolving somebody else’s
Network with one another
– Talk about their areas of expertise/hear about the work of their peers.
– These events are open to anybody who is interested in innovation, starting or growing small a business – or supporting others to do so.