Business Angels Networks: Winning Investment, Tues 24th Feb

photoRaising angel’s investment is a daunting prospect, especially to those that know little about the process beyond watching the fictional Dragon’s Den. Steven Lyons aims to help those seeking investment to better understand the process that they are embarking on and to help them to tailor their business plans and pitches to the needs of potential investors.

What can the University of Leicester do for my business?

The University of Leicester is holding three relaxed and informative networking events for businesses in certain sectors.

Our aim is to inform you of the various engagement points that may be relevant to your business, and allow free and informal networking amongst B2B and the University to business.
These are free to attend. Refreshments provided.

What could the University possibly offer me?


  • The University of Leicester actively seeks companies to engage with our students, services and research projects on a regular basis.
  • Our courses are not valuable or relevant unless they combine academia with the real world of work, industry and commerce. Working with or employing our students is one way to ensure academia and industry unify.
  • It need not be complicated, and it is not expensive. In fact many of our services are free or we can provide some funding. Placement students are very cost effective.
  • Whether you are a small or big business, we would like to discuss ways in which we can work together to support your growth and give our students experience of industry.
  • Some of the engagement opportunities are: Student projects, internships and placement, collaborative research, business consultancy and technical support.


Do you need to invest in your companies technology?


Tuesday 24th February:

Sector: Technologies:web/Mobile/cloud


University of Leicester

Cloud computing and big data are the buzzwords encouraging businesses to take up high-speed internet. Online applications are the driver mentioned, but there is much more to cloud computing and big data.

In this seminar we will consider some of the areas where Leicester is teaching on and researching techniques that will exploit the full potential by allowing to gain business insight in a timely and economical fashion.


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Calling all engineering and industrial companies


Tuesday 3rd of March:

Sector: Engineering


University of Leicester


Does your company need a dedicated, enthusiastic pair of hands to get to grips quickly with new technology? Do you have a materials problem that’s letting your products down? Could you do with a dedicated communications system, or embedded technology to monitor your manufacturing environment? We could help your business take a step forward in technology. With our unified engineering department, you can hire the skills-sets you need, at a level and duration to get the problem solved.


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Calling all companies with an IT project in 2015


Tuesday 24th March:

Modern IT Project Delivery


University of Leicester

IT projects are notoriously difficult to execute successfully; getting what we want, within time and budget. Key factors that determine project success, for customers or suppliers are usually not high-tech but rather about communication, agility and a clear focus on users’ needs.

In this session we’ll discuss the techniques taught and used at Leicester to give projects a fighting chance of success.

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Founder’s Dating Night, Thurs Feb 19th at Incubate

photoAre you a founder of a startup? Are you trying to build your team? Do you want to participate in another startup?This is the chance to meet your potential cofounders. We are organising a founders’ dating night to help you meet your business soulmate!

Startdom Weekend in Leicester, 13-15 March

photoStartdom Accelerator is a 48 hour accelerated course for startups in Leicester. The weekend is part of our long term strategic plan to help high-flying startups in the Midlands.

Free co-working space at Incubate, Thurs 5th March

photoThe Incubate Leicester co-working space for free to the public. Let us know in advance that you are coming, so that we can reserve your space. You will be able to work for the entire day in an allocated desk, use free wifi and drink free coffee and tea.

The Lean Startup: Part 2, Thurs 5th Feb at Incubate

photoSean Buckland will continue his review of the Startup process, drawing insights from the use of Lean in established organisations. This event will cover key learning and action points including measuring, pivot decision making and accelerating the growth of your Startup.

GeoData: New Business; New Markets; New Customers, Thurs March 12th

A workshop hosted by IRSA, Google and the University of Aberdeen, to discover what geographic data can deliver to businesses and how you can take advantage.

Easy Lean Startup: New Book

I have just finished the first draft of my next book! The working title of the book is Easy Lean Startup. I broke down lean startup methodology to its absolutely basic premises.

Brand new Co-Working Space now open at DMU’s Innovation Centre.

Guest post from Simon Baines of DMU’s Innovation Centre….

Our new space at DMU’s Innovation Centre is now open for use, and we invite the local start-up community to come and make use of the facility, free of charge, between the hours of 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday. There’s no need to sign up to anything, but if you are happy to give us your details we’ll make sure you hear about our new events, once our 2015 schedule has been finalised.

At De Montfort University’s Innovation Centre, we believe that entrepreneurs and start-up businesses stand a greater chance of succeeding in their ventures if they collaborate closely together, share knowledge, act as peers to each other, and grow their ideas in new creative ways. We are looking to attract entrepreneurs with a common goal; to achieve by doing things differently. We want to work with people who are interested in developing new contacts and relationships, tapping into the expertise of the University, and make using of a working environment that has excellent networks.

The Innovation Centre opened in 1996 and has been working with local small businesses every since, providing leased office space and business support. Whilst we have been able to increase the number of units in order to meet demand, The Innovation Centre has, until now, lacked communal space suitable for people who want to create and explore ideas rather than jump straight in and rent a room.

This is why in 2013 I initiated a project to open a new Co-Working space. What followed was a long period of research which included visits to some of the best Co-Working spaces in London, and lengthy discussions with stakeholders, and after months of work, our Co-Working space was completed in November 2014.

Whilst we realise we can’t create a pre-start up community here overnight, we hope the new environment will encourage more individuals to come through our doors and begin to collaborate with each other and with the University. (We are more than happy to talk to you in order to sign post you to relevant Academics who may be able to work with you on your ideas).

Whilst we are still working on implementing final touches such as our new branding and our “official launch” date has yet to be announced, our new space is now open and we would very much welcome members of Leicester Startups (and their friends, associates, colleagues and contacts) here. There’s no need to sign up to anything, but if you are happy to give us your details when you come we’ll make sure you hear about our events, once our new calendar has been finalised.

Just come along and work in the space, make use of our honesty cafe, brainstorm on the boards, use the MACS… and enjoy the benefits of working alongside students, graduates, staff, Academics and other start-ups within a brand new, modern and professional setting.

We look forward to welcoming more members of the Leicester Startups Tech Group here in 2015.

For more information, or to sign up for e-mail updates please email You can also follow us on Twitter: @dmuworkspace.

Finance For Non-Financial Managers, Tues 10th Feb at Dock

Always wanted to know more about business finance but never had the chance to ask? Join this straightforward and no-nonsense business finance workshop specifically for non-financial managers.